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Get FREE ground beef for life! We’ll send 2 lbs of FREE ground beef with every shipment for the life of your subscription! (Select Boxes Only)

Family Combo Box

Family Meals Made Easy

Includes FREE Ground Beef For Life

Includes FREE Ground Beef For Life: Enjoy 2 pounds of FREE ground beef in each shipment for the life of your subscription.

  • Chuck Roast (4 lbs): A versatile cut that promises tenderness and flavor, perfect for slow-cooked meals that comfort and satisfy.
  • Ground Beef (2 lbs): Elevate your recipes with our delicious ground beef, offering a rich taste and nutritional profile. Choose our Ancestral Blend for extra flavor, offering unmatched taste and versatility.
  • Stew Cuts (2 lbs): Ideal for hearty stews and braises, these cuts ensure your family meals are both nutritious and delicious.
  • Short Ribs (3 lbs): Bring the restaurant experience home with our succulent short ribs, guaranteed to impress with their depth of flavor.
  • Versatility: Each cut in our box is selected for its flexibility, allowing you to create a wide range of dishes that will keep the whole family excited for mealtime.
  • Convenience: Delivered directly to your doorstep, our subscription service takes the hassle out of meal planning and grocery shopping, giving you more time to enjoy with your loved ones.
  • Cost Savings: Enjoy premium, natural beef at a fraction of the cost. Our subscription model is designed to offer you the best value, ensuring quality doesn’t have to break the bank.
  • Quality You Can Trust: Like all Moon River Beef products, the Family Combo Box features beef that is naturally raised in Arizona without antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides, or GMOs. Our commitment to sustainable and ethical ranching means you’re serving your family the best natural beef available.

Embrace the ease, variety, and quality of the Family Combo Box, and transform your family meals into memorable moments. Subscribe today and take the first step towards healthier, happier family dining.

$154 $139 per shipment

Steak & Ribs Box

A Carnivore's Delight

Includes FREE Ground Beef For Life

Includes FREE Ground Beef For Life: Enjoy 2 pounds of FREE ground beef in each shipment for the life of your subscription.

  • Sirloin Steaks (2 lbs): Savor the robust flavor and satisfying texture of our Sirloin Steaks, a versatile favorite that’s as great on the grill as it is pan-seared.
  • NY Strips x 2 (4.5 lbs): Indulge in the luxury of our NY Strips, known for their intense flavor and tender marbling, making every meal an occasion.
  • Short Rib (3 lb): Dive into the deep, rich taste of our Short Rib, perfect for slow-cooking to achieve that fall-off-the-bone tenderness.
  • Premium Selection: Tailored for steak aficionados and rib enthusiasts, this box delivers a premium selection of cuts for those special dining moments.
  • Versatile and Satisfying: Whether hosting a dinner, enjoying a quiet night in, or experimenting with new recipes, these cuts offer versatility and satisfaction for any occasion.
  • Convenience and Quality: Delivered directly to your door, our Steak & Ribs Box combines the convenience of pre-selected cuts with the unmatched quality of Moon River Beef’s sustainably raised, antibiotic and hormone-free beef.
  • Perfect for Smaller Households: Specifically designed for smaller households, this box ensures that enjoying high-quality beef doesn’t mean dealing with excessive leftovers or waste.

Elevate your dining experience with The Steak & Ribs Box, where every cut is a promise of quality, flavor, and the pure pleasure of beef at its best. Subscribe today and turn every meal into an extraordinary culinary adventure, courtesy of Moon River Beef.

$234 $209 per shipment

Arizona Combo Box

The Essence of Arizona Beef

Includes FREE Ground Beef For Life

Includes FREE Ground Beef For Life: Enjoy 2 pounds of FREE ground beef in each shipment for the life of your subscription.

  • NY Strips (approx. 3-4.5 lbs): Experience the rich flavor and superb tenderness of our New York Strips, perfect for a special dinner or a sophisticated BBQ.
  • Short Ribs (approx. 3 lbs): Indulge in the deep, meaty flavors of our Short Ribs, ideal for slow-cooked dishes that comfort the soul.
  • Brisket (approx. 4 lbs): Embrace the tradition of slow-roasting with our Brisket, known for its succulent juiciness and robust flavor.
  • Tenderloins (approx. 2 lbs): Treat yourself to the ultimate in tenderness with our Tenderloins, a cut that promises elegance and flavor in every bite.
  • Ground Beef (approx. 4 lbs): Elevate your recipes with our delicious ground beef, offering a rich taste and nutritional profile. Choose our Ancestral Blend for extra flavor, offering unmatched taste and versatility.
  • True Taste of Arizona: Curated to reflect the rich heritage and unique flavors of Arizona beef, this box lets you explore a variety of premium and classic cuts.
  • Over 20 Pounds of Beef: With approximately 54 servings, this box is packed with over 20 pounds of the finest beef, ensuring your family enjoys healthy, high-quality protein.
  • Versatility and Luxury: From everyday meals to special occasions, the Arizona Combo Box offers both versatility and a touch of luxury, catering to all your culinary needs.
  • Sustainability and Quality: Adhering to Moon River Beef’s commitment, each cut is sustainably raised without antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides, or GMOs, reflecting our dedication to environmental stewardship and animal welfare.

The Arizona Combo Box is more than just beef; it’s a journey through the flavors and traditions of Arizona ranching, delivered directly to your doorstep. Perfect for mid-sized families seeking both quality and variety, it’s an invitation to explore the richness of Arizona beef in the comfort of your home. Subscribe now and bring the essence of Arizona to your table.

$403 $341 per shipment

10 lb Burger Box

Unmatched Flavor Profile

  • 10 lbs Ground Beef: Elevate your recipes with our delicious Arizona ground beef, offering a rich taste and nutritional profile packed with protein. 

Indulge in the Moon River Beef Burger Box – a gourmet experience that elevates your burger game to new heights.

  • Unparalleled Flavor: Our beef is renowned for its exceptional taste, boasting a rich, robust flavor that transforms every bite into a culinary delight. With each patty, savor the distinctive essence of Arizona’s terroir – a flavor profile unlike any other.
  • Premium Quality: Crafted from locally-raised cattle on our Arizona ranches, our beef is a testament to quality and care. Meticulously selected for optimal marbling, tenderness, and juiciness, our ground beef guarantees a mouthwatering burger experience every time.
  • Convenience: With 10 lbs of premium ground beef conveniently packaged in our Burger Box, mealtime has never been easier. Whether you’re grilling up a backyard barbecue or whipping up weeknight dinners, our Burger Box provides the perfect solution for busy lifestyles without compromising on quality.


Experience the ultimate burger experience with Moon River Beef Burger Box – because every burger deserves to be extraordinary.

$110 $89 per shipment

Premium Farm-to-Table Beef Locally Raised in Arizona

USDA Process Verified

No Hormones

No Antibiotics

No Herbicides or Pesticides

Moon River Beef vs. The Others

Moon River Beef
Sourced exclusively from Arizona, USA (Born and raised)
Trusted family-owned business with traditional ranching practices.
Third-party certified all natural, no hormones, no antibiotics with no industrial pollutants.
Ethically raised beef with a commitment to environmental stewardship.

Ready to Experience the Moon River Difference

At Moon River Beef, we’re not just selling beef; we’re inviting you to join a movement that values quality, sustainability, and community. With our carefully curated subscription boxes, select packages, and premium single cuts, we offer something special for every table, every occasion, and every conscientious consumer.

Why Choose Moon River Beef?

Savor the
Unmatched Quality

Taste the difference with every bite—our beef is a testament to our commitment to ethical ranching and the unique terroir of Arizona.


With our commitment to environmental stewardship you're choosing more than just beef; you're supporting a sustainable, conscientious approach to ranching

Join Our

By choosing Moon River Beef, you're not just a customer; you're part of a family that champions local, woman-owned, and family-operated values.

A Health-Conscious Alternative

Moon River Beef offers a health-conscious alternative, avoiding antibiotics, growth hormones, and chemical-laden feeds. Our sustainably raised, grass-fed beef ensures a nutritious profile with higher omega-3 fatty acids, supporting overall health, animal welfare, and environmental sustainability. Choose Moon River Beef for a safer, more nutritious beef option that aligns with conscientious living.

Here’s what people say

"You can almost taste the terroir, the minerality. You can tell that it's Arizona beef." 

Chef highlights the distinct flavor profile of the beef, attributed to the specific environmental conditions and terroir of Arizona, which contributes to the beef’s unique quality and sets it apart from other products in the market.

Chef Dustin Cristofolo

Executive Chef at QIES & Terrestra