Our Mission

At Moon River Beef, our mission is to provide discerning beef lovers with a premium, farm-to-table experience. We are committed to raising the highest quality, all-natural beef for you and your family.

  • Certified All Natural
  • Saving The Environment

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What we do

Our Approach

Superior Quality

Raised in the open mountains and gentle banks of the Verde River Valley, Moon River cattle are grown using the same techniques.

Holistic Management

Our integrative practices also help to develop a more flavorful and richer beef. It leads to better beef quality, marbling, and structure.

Healthy Environment

Many cattle producers emphasize what they don’t give their cattle, no anti-biotics, no hormones, no steroids. We emphasize what we do give our cattle.

About Us

Our holistic management approach is helping to restore Arizona’s historic grasslands. We started Moon River Beef in 2018 to raise cattle in a better and more sustainable way. When we first took over the ranch, we found a land that had been desertified by years of overgrazing and industrialized cow production practices.

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