Steak & Ribs Combo Box

From: $209.00 every 4 months

Introducing The Steak & Ribs Box, meticulously curated for those with a discerning palate for exceptional steaks and the rich, hearty flavors of ribs. Ideal for individuals, couples, and small families who revel in the art of cooking and savoring top-tier beef, this box is a testament to the joy of great steaks and the timeless appeal of perfectly cooked ribs.

What’s Included:

  • Sirloin Steaks x 2: Savor the robust flavor and satisfying texture of our Sirloin Steaks, a versatile favorite that’s as great on the grill as it is pan-seared.
  • NY Strips x 2 (4.5 lbs): Indulge in the luxury of our NY Strips, known for their intense flavor and tender marbling, making every meal an occasion.
  • Short Rib (3 lb): Dive into the deep, rich taste of our Short Rib, perfect for slow-cooking to achieve that fall-off-the-bone tenderness.

Why choose the Steak and Ribs Box

  • Premium Selection: Tailored for steak aficionados and rib enthusiasts, this box delivers a premium selection of cuts for those special dining moments.
  • Versatile and Satisfying: Whether hosting a dinner, enjoying a quiet night in, or experimenting with new recipes, these cuts offer versatility and satisfaction for any occasion.
  • Convenience and Quality: Delivered directly to your door, our Steak & Ribs Box combines the convenience of pre-selected cuts with the unmatched quality of Moon River Beef’s sustainably raised, antibiotic and hormone-free beef.
  • Perfect for Smaller Households: Specifically designed for smaller households, this box ensures that enjoying high-quality beef doesn’t mean dealing with excessive leftovers or waste.

Elevate your dining experience with The Steak & Ribs Box, where every cut is a promise of quality, flavor, and the pure pleasure of beef at its best. Subscribe today and turn every meal into an extraordinary culinary adventure, courtesy of Moon River Beef.

Moon River Beef merges tradition with sustainability, crafting premium, ethically-raised beef through time-honored Arizona ranching

Our commitment to environmental stewardship and animal welfare ensures every cut reflects our dedication to quality, local sourcing, and the planet. 

With Moon River Beef, you’re choosing more than just beef; you’re supporting a sustainable, conscientious approach to ranching.


Premium Farm-to-Table Beef Locally Raised in Arizona

USDA Process Verified

No Hormones

No Antibiotics

No Herbicides or Pesticides

Here’s what people say

"You can almost taste the terroir, the minerality. You can tell that it's Arizona beef." 

Chef highlights the distinct flavor profile of the beef, attributed to the specific environmental conditions and terroir of Arizona, which contributes to the beef’s unique quality and sets it apart from other products in the market.

Chef Dustin Cristofolo

Executive Chef at QIES & Terrestra