Arizona Combo Box

From: $341.00 every 4 months

Dive into the heart of Arizona with our Arizona Combo Box, a premium selection designed to showcase the best of local beef in a variety of gourmet cuts. Perfect for mid-sized families looking for healthy, high-quality protein options, this box combines the luxury of premium cuts with the classic flavors of Arizona ranching.

What’s Included
  • NY Strip Steaks (4.5 lbs): Experience the rich flavor and superb tenderness of our New York Strips, perfect for a special dinner or a sophisticated BBQ.
  • Short Ribs (3 lbs): Indulge in the deep, meaty flavors of our Short Ribs, ideal for slow-cooked dishes that comfort the soul.
  • Brisket (5 lbs): Embrace the tradition of slow-roasting with our Brisket, known for its succulent juiciness and robust flavor.
  • Tenderloins (4 lbs): Treat yourself to the ultimate in tenderness with our Tenderloins, a cut that promises elegance and flavor in every bite.
  • Ancestral Blend Ground Beef (4 lbs): Elevate your everyday meals with our ground beef blend, offering unmatched taste and versatility.
  • BONUS Ground Beef (10 lbs): Enjoy 2 pounds of FREE ground beef in your first 5 boxes, adding incredible value to your culinary adventures.
Why Choose the Arizona Combo Box?
  • True Taste of Arizona: Curated to reflect the rich heritage and unique flavors of Arizona beef, this box lets you explore a variety of premium and classic cuts.
  • Over 20 Pounds of Beef: With approximately 54 servings, this box is packed with over 20 pounds of the finest beef, ensuring your family enjoys healthy, high-quality protein.
  • Versatility and Luxury: From everyday meals to special occasions, the Arizona Combo Box offers both versatility and a touch of luxury, catering to all your culinary needs.
  • Sustainability and Quality: Adhering to Moon River Beef’s commitment, each cut is sustainably raised without antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides, or GMOs, reflecting our dedication to environmental stewardship and animal welfare.

The Arizona Combo Box is more than just beef; it’s a journey through the flavors and traditions of Arizona ranching, delivered directly to your doorstep. Perfect for mid-sized families seeking both quality and variety, it’s an invitation to explore the richness of Arizona beef in the comfort of your home. Subscribe now and bring the essence of Arizona to your table.

Moon River Beef merges tradition with sustainability, crafting premium, ethically-raised beef through time-honored Arizona ranching

Our commitment to environmental stewardship and animal welfare ensures every cut reflects our dedication to quality, local sourcing, and the planet. 

With Moon River Beef, you’re choosing more than just beef; you’re supporting a sustainable, conscientious approach to ranching.


Premium Farm-to-Table Beef Locally Raised in Arizona

USDA Process Verified

No Hormones

No Antibiotics

No Herbicides or Pesticides

Here’s what people say

"You can almost taste the terroir, the minerality. You can tell that it's Arizona beef." 

Chef highlights the distinct flavor profile of the beef, attributed to the specific environmental conditions and terroir of Arizona, which contributes to the beef’s unique quality and sets it apart from other products in the market.

Chef Dustin Cristofolo

Executive Chef at QIES & Terrestra